1. Before handling the contact lenses and container, wash your hands. Then rinse your hands and dry them with a lint-free towel
  2. To avoid tangling the lenses, it is preferable to apply and remove them starting with the same eye, for example the right
  3. Do not touch the eyes directly with your finger to avoid irritation, only through the lens
  4. Clean your contact lenses immediately after removing them from your eyes. Lens rinsing is only allowed in contact lens solution, tap water or boiled water is prohibited
  5. Periodically contact lenses need mechanical cleaning. Place the lens in your palm, add a few drops of the solution and massage the lens with your index finger on both sides
  6. Place the lens in the container with fresh solution and repeat the same procedure with the other lens

7. Screw on the container caps and leave the lenses overnight for complete disinfection

8. Do not overwear contact lenses, the maximum wearing time per day is 10 hours for hydrogel lenses and 16 hours for silicone hydrogel lenses

9. Avoid places with a high concentration of cigarette smoke and other chemicals

10. Sleeping with contact lenses on your eyes is prohibited

11. Remember that contact lenses, like toothbrushes, are individual

12. For longer comfort, it is advisable to use Horien Ultra Comfort moisturizing drops

13. Keep the container clean, periodically wash it with soap and always dry it completely