How to place an order?

Thank you for choosing to visit us and use the products offered by EYE SEDUCTION

To place an order through the site, please complete the following steps:

1. At your choice, you can create an account on the website for the system to save your data, this will facilitate the next order. You can also place the order without asking for an account.

2. At the top of the menu, click on the catalog to choose the product category.

3. Click on the name of the product or on its image to see details.

4. Choose the option you need, the quantity (pay attention to the product characteristics) then click "ADD TO BASKET", the product is automatically in the basket.

5. At the top right of the site, click on the basket image - see the basket. Here you can make changes to the order (add or delete).

6. Click "Continue shopping" or "Continue checkout".

7. Enter your billing and delivery details, carefully read the delivery terms here.

8. Choose the payment method available on the website.

9. After the requested data have been entered, click on the "Place order" button.

10. You will immediately receive an order confirmation message to the e-mail address from which the order was placed, and a consultant will take your order in the near future

How long does international delivery take?

Delivery time depends on your location.

Indicative travel times include:

- the deadlines for processing and transporting the mail to the country of destination;

– delivery terms according to the standards in the destination country.

The indicative circulation times do not include days off, public holidays in the country of destination and the time for presenting the postal item to customs control.

Click here to see the approximate delivery times for parcels.

Where can I track my order?

To track your order, enter the tracking number you received by message here

International parcel numbers are composed of 13 characters (e.g. EE123456789MD), start with one of the marks "E", "C", "H", "M", "R", "V" and end with the mark "MD" or with the country of origin code.

How do I know if it ships to my country?

You can see the list of countries here

I changed my mind, how can I cancel or change my order?

If you have placed the wrong order (eg wrong product, parameters or delivery dates) you can correct it within up to 24 hours. You just need to contact us at info.eyeseduction@gmail.com or on the messenger directly from the website, mentioning the order number and the data that needs to be changed.

How can I get a discount?

We are grateful to our loyal customers, we send discount codes at checkout.

We are very glad that you are our customer, we are pleased to offer you 20% discount on your next order. You must have an active Facebook and Instagram account (accounts must be merged) with a real audience of at least 500 users. In order to benefit from the discount, it is necessary to take 2-3 clear before/after images and a 1-minute video tutorial with the contact lenses purchased on our website. All materials must be of high quality with sufficient light. The voice/music must be heard clearly with normative vocabulary.

Video content:

  • Mention of our website (and product link)
  • Unpacking the product
  • Applying and removing lenses
  • How the eyes look before/after contact lenses


We are waiting for the photo/video materials for moderation after acceptance on info.eyeseduction@gmail.com

What are the payment methods?

We take care of your convenience and safety, so you have the possibility to pay by several methods:

In cash (only on the territory of the Republic of Moldova)

Bank card (with any Visa or Mastercard card)



I am ordering contact lenses for the first time, what should I know?

Before buying contact lenses, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist, in the case of patients with poor vision, the inspection is mandatory. After the inspection, you will receive the prescription for contact lenses that you present electronically when you place the order.

Eye Seduction S.R.L. assumes no responsibility for ordering/wearing unsuitable lenses or incorrect use of products.

Carefully read the information about the care and wearing of contact lenses, following these tips you will guarantee a beautiful experience wearing the lenses.

How can I be sure of the quality and authenticity of the product?

Our priority is the health of your eyes, all products on eyeseduction.com have MEDICAL DEVICE QUALITY - ISO 13485 and ISO13485 certificates, comply with the strict quality control requirements of health and medical device regulatory bodies in worldwide: Singaporean HSA, European CE, Australian TGA, Canadian CAMCAS, American FDA. Our products are manufactured in accordance with these requirements using the latest technologies and materials.

SRL Eye Seduction is the official representative in the Republic of Moldova of the brands MaxVUE Vision, Urban Layer, J&M Prestige

Is there a difference between the lenses for the left eye and the right eye?

If you ordered cosmetic lenses (without optical power) initially there is no difference between the left eye and the right eye, later it is beneficial not to change the lenses with the place. For those who wear contact lenses, you must keep them each in its own box: LEFT for the left eye, RIGHT for the right eye.

If I have different strengths for each eye in my prescription, how do I order lenses?

Clear and colored contact lenses are sold in pairs so you will need to order two boxes: one for the left eye and the second for the right eye.

How do I take care of my contact lenses?

Please see the detailed information on the  instrucțiunions page

Can I give the contact lenses to my friend?

To avoid any risks related to eye infections, it is not recommended to pass the lenses to another person. Remember that contact lenses, like toothbrushes, are individual

How long are contact lenses worn?

During the day, colorless contact lenses are worn for up to 10 hours (hydrogel lenses) and up to 16 hours (silicone-hydrogel lenses). Colored lenses are worn up to 8 hours a day. On each box of contact lenses is indicated the wearing period from one month to one year.

If you wear the lenses less often, be sure to keep the lenses in a clean container with enough solution and the caps tightly screwed on. Before each application, rinse and clean the lenses thoroughly in the solution. Place the lens on your palm, drip the solution and gently massage the lens from both sides with your index finger.

What else is needed for contact lenses?

Absolutely necessary is the storage container solution. Recommended are the "Horien Aqua Comfort" hydration drops for longer comfort and extending the durability of the lenses.

For convenience and hygiene, silicone tweezers and applicator are recommended. And the contact lens set that you can find here is perfect for travelling

I wear glasses, how do I order contact lenses correctly?

During the check-up at the oculist, the vision diagnosis is made, after which the patient receives the prescription with parameters. Eye diopters, glasses and contact lenses are different. Only the eye doctor can give you a contact lens prescription, so if you wear glasses ask for a contact lens prescription.

The lens is not fixed on the eye, what should I do?

You may have applied the lens with the wrong side and because of this the lens "walks" on the eye. The lens has 2 parts, before application make sure that the lens is in the correct position (its edges must be directed inwards).

Initially, when you remove the lens from the solution, it is abundantly hydrated, when you apply the lens to the eye, it loses moisture, so the lens adjusts to the size of the eye and gets a secure fit.

How to choose the right color?

We are at your disposal to help you with the perfect choice, write in the chat on messenger and the consultant will gladly take the order.

Still need help?

Contact us and we'll consult you free of charge with any problem