It goes without saying that braids are one of the hottest trends right now. But not every girl has the length and volume to achieve the exact look they want when it comes to creating cool braided looks. Synthetic hair has always been an option, but now kanekalon hair has become the go-to for ladies wishing to pump up their braids. Using these extensions is easy because they are stylish, creative and durable.

What Is Kanekalon?

This fiber  comes in a variety of lengths and colours . The most common method is feed-in-braids with kanekalon hair that can be achieved through a variety of styles. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, this video perfectly demonstrates how it can be done.

Once you’re sure of your color, be aware of the thickness of your natural hair. Choose smaller braids if you have thinner hair and larger ones for thicker hair to assure that your own hair can withstand the process. Before you put in your braids, make sure your hair is fully washed, moisturized. and brushed out. You’ll also want to be certain it’s free of any and all knots and tangles. Give your scalp a good massage as well.

Following an instructional video is ideal if you’re putting in your own kanekalon braids. Make sure to section off your hair with a fine-toothed comb and secure the extension at the root of your hair using a firm gel. As you braid your hair with the synthetic extensions, go easy on the pulling so you don’t damage the root and follicle of your natural hair.

  • Lenghth of braid :75 cm
  • Weight of braid : 100 gr


150.00 MDL

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