Colored contact lens

Be cool blue

ColourVUE® Big Eyes effect lenses make your eyes look bigger and brighter with a doll like appearance. The thick outer ring creates a defined looking eye with naturally blending colour tones. Suitable for both dark and light eye colour. Try out our latest 15mm diameter range for an enhanced big eyes experience with exceptional full day comfort .


  • Manufacturer: ColourVUE MaxVue Vision
  • Model: Be cool blue
  • Wearing time: Daily wear
  • Optic power : 0.0
  • Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer 55%
  • Water content: 45%
  • Diameter: 15.00 mm
  • Centre Thickness : 0.05 mm
  • Base curve: 8.6 mm
  • Time replacement: 90 days
  • Color type: 2 tones


The price is indicated for 1 pair of contact lens without solution . For contact lens solution shop here

350.00 MDL

Name Range Discount
3 discount 3 - 50 10 %
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